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Facilities We Serve

Facilities We Serve

Individual Residents​

Sustainability starts at home. At Remaining Stone, we provide efficient and cost-effective collection of household trash with appropriate containers to hold trash until it’s collected. Once you sign up with us, we will deliver a trash container promptly to your residence.
You can be sure your materials are collected safely and on-time, and most importantly, we handle it the right way for the environment. Simply call today to enquire about our services and availability, and we will get started working for you.

Residential Complex

Removing rubbish from an apartment complex can be very tricky, as it doesn’t take long for the rubbish to pile up. These complexes can produce enormous amounts of waste in a short timeframe, and thus require a tightly organised rubbish removal.
With a focus on fast and prompt service, Remaining Stone offers simple and convenient residential dumpster rental services. We keep your property clean and presentable, with eviction cleanouts, and pick-ups for your convenience. Offering a fair and transparent pricing, our superior service ensures to maintain cleanliness in the area.

Under Construction Buildings

Nothing beats the amazing feeling of a clean and tidy worksite. Whether it is heavy bricks, timber, concrete, rubble, or steel – we roll up our sleeves and work hand-in-hand with you to ensure all waste is not just removed safely, but also recycled where appropriate.
We can quickly and efficiently provide skip bins, builder bins to cater for construction waste. Experts of work-site cleanups, we ensure that your project is left sparkling clean with no leftover debris. Give our friendly team a call today and discard your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way.

Industrial Facilities

Industries of all nature generally produce enormous amounts of waste. We help manufacturing companies stay sustainable with our host of junk removal dumpsters and industrial recycling. With our innovative facilities, we make environmental compliance simple.
We don’t just say we’re keeping waste out of landfills – we prove it. Our best-in-class pricing paired with our commitment to sustainability make us an indispensable sustainability partner for industrial facilities to get rid of waste. Whether you need a one-time haul-off or a regular junk removal partner – trust us and get the best service.

Public Pools

Swimming pool water contains a range of treatment products such as chlorine, salt and acid, and sunscreen residues and potentially harmful bacteria. They need to be cleaned often by backwashing all the captured materials. Keeping a pool clean may seem like a drag.
At Remaining Stone, we are committed to keeping public pools clean and well maintained. Our range of services, allows the water to be treated and re-used, producing less water wastage. We have the expertise to manage pools in total compliance with safety and environmental requirements.


Shopping malls inevitably produce enormous waste. There is no one thing to blame – it is a constant mix of packaging, the general public’s waste and an awful lot of plastic. Handling the waste produced by these activities is an essential part of keeping a shopping centre running at optimum efficiency.
Remaining Stone is proud to offer a range of different and practical waste management solutions. Whether it is excess stock, food waste or general junk, our skip bins cater to managing all waste with ease. With an eco-conscious approach, we aim to recycle as much of the waste collected as possible.


Whether it is a small family restaurant or a Michelin 5 star hotel, reputation is paramount. We help you manage your junk and sustainability goals with zero guest interruption. A central point of contact for all your waste and recycling needs, we offer hassle-free, safe and timely solutions.
Our waste management solutions provide reliable collection and responsible disposal of all kinds of hotel waste, and minimize the amount sent to landfill sites and the environmental impact of this. Trust our expertise when it comes to getting rid of junk.


Keeping a clean, well-run retail space simply means good business. Having a small boutique or a chain of stores, partnering with Remaining Stone for environmentally conscious waste solutions means saving time, money and hassle.
Whether it is general waste, food waste, paper and cardboard waste or significant junk items to dispose off, we’re here to help. Our world class solutions help retail operators to manage their waste requirements sustainably and create welcoming environments for shoppers. You can focus on your customers, while we focus on the junk.

Schools and Universities

With hundreds or even thousands of students studying, using supplies and eating each day, organisations in the education sector can generate a lot of waste. Classroom, cafeteria, Science lab, and other facilities – waste is plentiful and varied.
At remaining Stone, we’re experienced with all aspects of waste collection, disposal and recycling within this industry. We develop customised solution for every campus and offer to pick up, haul off, sweep up, and divert waste. Simply leave it to our professional crew to lift and move unwanted junk off your ground – without affecting the operations.


Waste from hospitals and medical facilities are bio hazards and they should be disposed with care to minimize their risk on people or the environment. You need an experienced team to effectively such waste. At Remaining Stone, we deliver integrated solutions for the collection, transportation and disposal of solid and municipal waste which is non medical and non-harmful.
Our service is customized based on your volume, type and frequency. With compliant solutions and highly-experienced personnel, you can trust that your waste is being managed diligently and comprehensively. Choose us to handle your waste and eliminate all your concerns about safety and compliance.
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